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Casa Maracuya

Our boutique - Cabana with two double rooms and a dorm for four people is located directly on the Rio Gaira where you can take a pleasant bath after a hot day.

The Casa Maracuya offers the following:


      • All rooms with private bathrooms and hot shower

      • Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, cooking utensils, juice mixer, espresso coffee maker

      • Laundry service (COP 6000 per 1 kg of laundry)

      • Satellite - television in the living room and DVD with a lot of movies

      • Private access to Rio Gaira

      • Sancocho - cabin with fireplace and grill

      • Cotton bed linen imported from Europe

      • WI-FI

      • Free parking for hostel guests

      • Parking for Campers and Big Rig with water and power supply
        (COP 20'000/night for 1 camper / 2pax)

The Casa Maracuya is located on the lowest part of the Finca right at the mainroad to "pozo azul" and has no reception. For Check-In and information please use the telephone reception on the right entrance of the Finca, after the bamboo gate (yellow building).

Tel: +57 322 280 83 42


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Single rooms as well as the whole House can be rented :

Dorm Jaguarundi

Fotos Jaguarundi<
Double room Uacari

Fotos Uacari<
Double room Colibri

Fotos Colibri<
Entire house Casa Maracuya

Fotos Casa Maracuya<

*High season: Semana Santa (easter), Christmas, New year

Check in:   15:00

Check out: 13:00

Important notes:

We recommend the passionate chefs to buy certain food already in Santa Marta because the offer in Minca is limited.

There are various catering facilities in the village, a list of restaurants and Cafés can be found here

Minca has no cash machine (ATM) . It is therefore advisable to arrive with enough cash. The nearest ATM's are outside of Santa Marta:

- Texaco gas station

- Buena Vista Mall

Todos estamos en contra de Escnna*
*Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes

  • NIT: 900836476-5
  • RNT: 42328