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Casa Maracuya

Our boutique - Cabana with two double rooms and a dorm for four people is located directly on the Rio Gaira where you can take a pleasant bath after a hot day.

The Casa Maracuya offers the following:


      • All rooms with private bathrooms and hot shower

      • Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, cooking utensils, juice mixer, espresso coffee maker

      • Laundry service (COP 6000 per 1 kg of laundry)

      • Satellite - television in the living room and DVD with a lot of movies

      • Private access to Rio Gaira

      • Sancocho - cabin with fireplace and grill

      • Cotton bed linen imported from Europe

      • WI-FI

      • Free parking for hostel guests

      • Parking for Campers and Big Rig with water and power supply (COP 20'000/night for 1camper/2pax)

The Casa Maracuya is located on the lowest part of the Finca and has no reception. Please let us know your approximate time of arrival when booking so that we can receive you.

Tel: +57 322 280 83 42


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Single rooms as well as the whole House can be rented :

Dorm Jaguarundi

Fotos Jaguarundi<
Double room Uacari

Fotos Uacari<
Double room Colibri

Fotos Colibri<
Entire house Casa Maracuya

Fotos Casa Maracuya<

*High season: Semana Santa (easter), Christmas, New year

Check in:   15:00

Check out: 13:00

Important notes:

We recommend the passionate chefs to buy certain food already in Santa Marta because the offer in Minca is limited. With our "Bolivar - private transport" service a stop at the Buena Vista Mall is possible.

There are various catering facilities in the village, a list of restaurants and Cafés can be found here

Minca has no cash machine (ATM) . It is therefore advisable to arrive with enough cash. The nearest ATM's are outside of Santa Marta:

- Texaco gas station

- Buena Vista Mall

Todos estamos en contra de Escnna*
*Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes

  • NIT: 900836476-5
  • RNT: 42328