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Colombian Hostels


Finca Bolivar in Media and Blogs

Non Dollar Report (English)

Es Elswhere (English)

Der Rickenbacher (German)

La Globetrotter (Italian)

Majo Viaja (Spanish)

Tour operators

Wimaketours (Tours in and around Minca)

Jungle Joe (Tours in and around Minca, Birdwatching)

Fidel Travel (Tours in and around Minca, Birdwatching)

Emerald Green (Tours in and around Minca, Birdwatching)

Expotur (Lost city treks and more)

Guias y Baquianos Tours (Lost city treks and more)

Megasierra (Lost city treks and more)


Casa Yoga

other Hostels

Arche Noah Guesthouse (Bogotà, Colombia)

Maracumbo (Mompiche, Ecuador)

Depot 195 (Winterthur, Switzerland)


Clickbus (Online Timetable of various bus companies)*

Busbud (Online Timetable of various bus companies)*

Expreso Brasilia (bus company)

Copetran (bus company)

Bolivariano (bus company)

Redbus (bus company)

*Clickbus and Busbud add a surcharge to your ticket, its better to book directly with the bus company

Hotel Bookings

Bidroom is a Booking platform that allows you to book accommodations with a discount from 5% to 10% more than you would get on other Booking Channels.

Finca Hostal Bolivar is a member of Colombianhostels an association  whose members commit themselves to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.

Todos estamos en contra de Escnna*
*Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes

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